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My Story

I’ve been told I am a force of nature, Mary Sunshine, totally Yin with no Yang, and this means I laugh lots, whine occasionally and am always trying to figure out “the meaning of life.” Writing and reading are a main focus in my life but I also enjoy movies, live theater, kayaking, cycling, cooking, and gardening. I’m a great spectator at sporting competitions.

My husband, Ed, and our four daughters have brought country living, dogs, a horse, bunny, cats and mole-dirt-mountains into my daily life.  Ed’s also a private pilot and introduced me to a variety of airplanes, motorcycles and power watercraft.

My professional life transitioned with each birth and move from a bookkeeper to office manager, tech writer and recently, business consultant.  There were a few years of working in home health care, geriatrics and hospice.  I even attended some college classes with my youngest daughter.

Life is an adventure, I’ve chosen to take that journey.

The stories and views in “Cherish – A Memoir of My Parents Incredible Marriage” are exclusively mine and some names have been changed to make it easier for readers.
Friends and family who experienced the truth of my parents unique and joyful marriage were thrilled I was willing to take on the challenge of presenting “Cherish” to the world.

I also write contemporary romance novels, with a touch of adventure and esoteric elements – including astrology, psychics, crystals, and more. My first novel is Whirlpool Wedding by Terri Patrick.

I am member of Rose City Romance Writers ,  Romance Writers of America and Willamette Writers.