The plan for this page is to share the watercolor pictures and fun art projects Mary Lou created through her years, many have been framed and are mounted on walls in family homes around the country.

This one was a study in adding nature elements for a spiritual placement.

Rose explained the meaning for using the birds; bridge, water, and color choice, but I’ve forgotten now that I am actually adding these to this site.

This was a landscape painted during art classes Mom took sometime in the late 1940’s.

This was painted for one of the granddaughters who did not have contact with any of her Kramer cousins or extended family for decades. That changed in 2018!

Painted for one of her granddaughters. Mom never expected any of her watercolors to be framed or mounted on walls.

A tiny rose painted to fit within a lapel pin.

Mom created this from a picture of my view from the deck of our home in New Jersey – and my complaint that I never see a sunset. So she made one for me. It is now hanging in my home in Oregon. I now see lots of sunsets on over the surf!

Cardinals were her favorite birds to watch from her back room as they nested and played in the apple tree.