Reiki masters, crystals and astrologers… oh my!

Adam McGiver is a Coast Guard EMT, on injured reserve, and thinks all of the above are an interesting waste of time. The stars are for navigation on the seas.

Melanie Cramer, third generation of psychics and healers, charts her life by the stars but prefers to spend her days with computers. She’s ready to embark on a global adventure dedicated to databases.

When Adam rescues Melanie from a boat that’s dead in the water, they are sure they’ve met before but soon hope they never meet again. These star-crossed lovers are desperate to outrun their fated attraction. But the universe, through their friends and family, tightens a romantic noose around them – before Melanie flies off to the other side of the world, and Adam sails away in the opposite direction.

Will they still be in love sometime next year? Or are they just two ships that passed in the night?

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Temporary roommates to save the dogs can cause awkward moments. A hobby pilot, Mark Bradley is desperate to keep his new job that requires lots of travel, with little notice. He’s also determined to provide his dogs with a secure and consistent home. His best choice, for a few weeks, is to offer sanctuary to an aspiring goddess who never had pets.

Happy not to be homeless as well as jobless, Stacey Houseman stumbles into a whole new world featuring vintage aircraft along with her dog duties, in a remote country house. She wanted a safe home for a few weeks while she tries to rediscover herself and uncover family secrets. Instead, she’s trying to teach two lively dogs to obey while attempting to say NO to another arrogant man who sweeps her into his agenda.

Mark takes an assignment on the other side of the country for a few weeks, trusting the health and happiness of his dogs to the sexy redhead who talks to her car. It’s his concern for his dogs that brings him home more often than planned, not a fascination for keeping Stacey in his home.